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Partners & Sponsors

Rugged Coast Research Society / Partners & Sponsors


BC Marine Trails
Seize Change
Surfrider Foundation


Longwood Brewery
Stanley de Vos Fund
Nanaimo Foundation
Shaw TV
Owen Gardiner Construction
Drip Coffee Social
Top Chord Construction
Bickerton Contracting
Island Optimal Health and Performance
The Wave
Modo Yoga
Inbalance Productions
Talon Gillis Photography

Costs and Funding

Rugged Coast is a community organization, with much of our funding coming from that community.  If you wish to donate please follow the link below.

Costs of operation to complete remote marine debris clean ups vary, but as a rule of thumb you can expect a $50 donation to be directly responsible for approximately 20lbs of debris being removed from sensitive marine habitats.

For more information on partnerships and sponsorships please reach out.  Mutually beneficial relationships between the non-profit and for-profit sectors play a key role on the impacts we can all have.

Get in touch.