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Five Island Clean Up Challenge

Rugged Coast Research Society / Five Island Clean Up Challenge

Five Island Clean Up Challenge


We are currently in the middle of completing 5 remote island cleanups on and around Vancouver Island.  With the support of Parley For The Oceans, BC Marine Trail, Longwood Brewery and the Stanley De Voss Fund we are heading out this Fall to complete 2 cleanups on 5 different Islands off our coast, for a total of 10 efforts.

The islands we are tackling this time are:

  • Vancouver Island
  • Catala Island
  • Fleming Island
  • Diana Island
  • Helby Island

September 11th and 14th we completed our first two islands, Catala Island and Vancouver Island (Yellow Bluff Beach).  We removed 10 super sacks of both domestic and international debris along with massive amounts of large foam blocks, fishing industry waste (floats, nets, plastics barrels) and a million (seemed like a million anyways) other pieces of large debris.

   October 2nd to 4th we are heading out near Bamfield BC to tackle our next 3 islands; Diana, Helby and Fleming Islands.  The weather looks promising and we are getting geared up!

Date: September 11, 2020
Duration: 81 Days