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Deer Group Archipelago

September 2020 Collaboration

In the early days of October 2020 we joined forces once again with Parley for the Oceans to tackle another remote area on the west coast of Vancouver Island in dire need of a good cleaning.  This beautiful area is called the Deer Group, it’s an archipelago near the famed Broken Island Group (a kayakers dream).  Unlike the Broken Islands, the Deer Group is not a Provincial or National park, it is mostly crown land and much of it is private residences in the form of remote cabins.  The fact that this zone is not a park means the resources to keep the ecosystem clean and healthy are limited, which then means that clean up efforts are fairly rare leaving this area to the mercy of marine debris accumulation.

Knowing full well the state of the beaches, we loaded up our Trash Craft and the rest of the fleet with willing and eager volunteers and got to work. Most of the Islands we visited were fairly sheltered from the swell this weekend, which allowed us to safely remove over 520kg of trash from the area.  Although this is a huge win, we were forced once again to leave large amounts of debris behind in order to focus on the highest risk pieces, we focused mainly on the large pieces of foam which breakdown against the rocks and obliterate the local environment with tiny foam beads, which are ingested by the locals (sea animals) doing irreparable damage.

We are very grateful for the support from Parley and for all those who joined us on this one.  This won’t be the last and eventually we will rid those areas of the existing trash and begin the long road of mitigating marine debris once and for all.