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Kwalikum High School Presentation

Outdoor Education Class

A core value Rugged Coast holds is to educate the future stewards of not just our Ocean habitats, but all wild places.  Early in 2020 Renny and Ben A. visited Kwalikum Secondary School in Qualicum BC.  The grade 11/12 Outdoor Education class had been learning about the special environments in our local area and beyond.

Their teacher invited Renny to come speak about what Rugged Coast, the kinds of issues we see while we are out adventuring and the kinds of things being done to help protect their backyards.

Seeing the looks of disbelief as the class was informed of the state of the beaches on the BC coastline was something I’ll never forget.  We have this idea of the pristine waters and beaches of BC, and while we do have plenty of those, many of the areas less visited are filled to the brim with marine debris of all kinds.  This message is very important for the next generation to hear and be aware of.  If you don’t know there is a problem, how do you fix it?

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however.  Renny presented a couple very real solutions being undertaken to restore these vital ecosystems.  Along with Rugged Coast’s efforts there are technologies coming in the very near future that will revolutionize the way trash is removed from the ocean, as well as some very important initiatives to help mitigate the pollution before it gets to the sea.

It was a rewarding visit and something we plan to do a lot more of.

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