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South Brooks Peninsula

June 2019 Collaboration

In June 2019 we teamed up with BC Marine Trail and ventured to the south side of Brooks Peninsula Ecological Reserve.  This one week adventured was focused on the restoration of this unique habitat.  On prior mapping and research missions to the area we had found a high accumulation of debris on these beautiful white sand beaches, we knew we needed to come back and begin the massive effort of removing it.

In true Rugged Coast spirit we loaded up the families and began the mission North.  As with any remote coastal adventure weather can play a huge role in success, luckily for us the weather gods were shinning on us, literally, we had 5 days of pure sun shine.  This is a good thing as the better the wether the more likely we are to have maximum impact in removing debris.

Over the course of the 5 days we were able to collect 25 super sacs of debris from the shoreline.  That equates to approximately 4-tons of trash removed from the eco system forever.  Although this is a giant step to restoring this beautiful area, there is much more work to be done.

Our research shows that about the same amount of debris will be removed again on our next mission to South Brooks.  Although COVID-19 measures put a wrench in everyone’s plans for 2020, we still have our sights set on getting back up there and finishing the job.

We are grateful to BC Marine Trail for the opportunity to join forces and have as much of an impact as humanly possible.  The team at BC Marine Trail has become an asset to us and we cherish our relationship and look forward to teaming up again in the very near future.  The video above was by BC Marine Trail and is full of great information and highlights the importance of the work being done on all fronts.

– The RCRS team