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Marine Debris Accumulation Mapping

Finding it is half the battle

Rugged Coast began as a group of like minded individuals passionate about protecting the remote and wild areas we recreate in.  Since we have spent the better part of our lives adventuring to the most remote and beautiful places our coast has to offer, we figured we could easily give back and begin the long journey of mitigating the impact marine debris has on our favourite places.

Our flagship project is mapping marine debris accumulation areas, compiling this information into an interactive, digestible GIS map (coming very soon) and sharing our findings with the public and other organizations who are working hard to remove debris from our shorelines.

Since we all want to have the most impact possible in our clean-up efforts, we figured having a central, real-time database of the worst hit areas would be an invaluable tool for us all.

Although we have mapped and collected data on just under 700km of BC coastline, we are far from being finished.  Our mapping efforts have not gone unnoticed, other groups such as BC Marine Trail and Seize Change have looked to us for information and advice on the most impacted areas.  The ultimate goal of our marine debris mapping project is to have an in depth catalogue of all accumulation hot spots on the entire coast of BC and beyond.  This includes 360 degrees of Vancouver Island, every Gulf Island and the North Coast up to the Alaskan border, and beyond.

Suspended Micro Plastic MappingWhat started as a passion to protect our playgrounds has morphed into a movement to instil hope and inspire others to take their passion beyond themselves and take action in their respective areas of the world.

We will continue to fight for the health of our oceans in all ways possible, understanding and research is at the centre of all effective action