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Rugged Coast Research Society
Our Story

The Rugged Coast Research Society is a newly formed (2017) society developed to research and restore remote coastal habitats along the BC coast. Research results are shared with stakeholders that may want to use the results to better understand the BC coast and collaboratively restore it. The Rugged Coast team is comprised of marine industry professionals, marine biologists and entrepreneurs who share a passion for marine ecology and marine recreation. Our team members have been exploring the coast for many years and have the experience required to successfully conduct research and restoration projects in remote coastal areas.
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    Objective #1
    Map marine plastic accumulation locations along BC’s west coast.
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    Objective #2
    Prioritize macro plastic removal locations.
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    Objective #3
    Remove macro plastic debris from priority locations.
We will be hosting a series of fundraisers to support and achieve the objectives above. 
Our research and clean up results will be posted on this website for public interest.
"Protect what you love"
Jacques Cousteau